Scientists discover ‘second moon’: asteroid temporarily captured by Earth

Earth has a whole new space neighbor — an asteroid caught in the Earth’s gravity. The researchers, who discovered it by NASA-funded astronomers, said: “The Earth has a new temporary capture object (possibly mini moon) called 2020CD3.” “

Scientists discover 'second moon': asteroid temporarily captured by Earth

The researchers calculated that the asteroid, with a diameter of between 3km and 5.6km, entered Earth’s orbit about three years ago, but this is not the first asteroid to enter Earth’s orbit, after scientists discovered a 2006 RH120 asteroid in 2006 and orbited it for 18 months.

In addition to the moon sseen as usual, the Earth sometimes has a temporary “second moon” that rotates around the Earth in the form of asteroids, as is the “mini moon” of 2006 RH120. 2006 RH120 is the temporary name for a near-Earth asteroid about 5 meters in diameter, which usually orbits the sun, but approaches the Earth-moon system about once every 20 years or so.

Scientists say the Earth’s gravity will likely capture tiny asteroids as the Earth rotates around the sun. When one of them is attracted to orbit the Earth, when its orbit is swaying irregularly, coincides with the moon’s orbit, it is attracted by the gravitational influence of the other side and eventually disengaged from Earth and returned to outer space.

Scientists discover 'second moon': asteroid temporarily captured by Earth