How to deal with the crack on the plane window? An Indian Airlines Tape Repair

According to foreign media reports, a passenger was flying from Mumbai to New Delhi by SpiceJet, a India airlines. During the flight, the passenger found a radial crack on the window beside his seat, with transparent tape sticking on it. The passenger uploaded photos to the social media, concurrently said, isn’t it a major safety concern?


The passenger was reportedly named as Hariharan Sangkaran. He was on SpiceJet’s flight SG8152.

After he posted the tweet on social media, SpiceJet responded, “Hello, Hariharan .” At SpiceJet, safety is our top concern. At no time will we compromise on this. “

“We will certainly notify the person in charge of this and take the necessary action,” the airline said. Please forgive me for the inconvenience. “


Sangkaran responded, “Now that there’s transparent tape on it, it means someone saw it and knows what’s going on.” “

Spice Airlines later said the crack was on “the inner flexi pane and was fixed the same day” and that “the purpose of the inner pane is to protect the window from scratches and the inner pane doesn’t carry structural pressurization loads.”  “Please rest assured that there will be no danger to safety at any time”.

Sealed aircraft windows are reportedly the key to maintaining normal cabin air pressure on board. At altitudes above 3000 meters, in order to provide enough oxygen, it must be pressurized or passengers will not be able to breathe.

In 2018, a 43-year-old woman was killed when an engine exploded on a Southwest Airlines passenger plane, causing the windows of the airliner to break.

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