IBM-backed Global Code Challenge focuses on climate change

Now in its third year, the IBM-enabled Global Code Challenge encourages and promotes the development of open source software-based applications with the goal of using technology in new ways that will have an immediate and lasting humanitarian impact on communities around the world. To meet the challenges of 2020, IBM is working with key U.N. agencies and world leaders to help address climate change.

A recent global study of IBM by Morning Consult, a consulting firm, found that 79 percent of respondents believed that agreeing that climate change could be reduced or addressed by technology. In addition, three-quarters of respondents agreed that open source communities can help extend climate change solutions to the communities they need.

Bob Lord, IBM’s senior vice president for cognitive applications and development ecosystems, said: “There is an urgent need for action to address climate change, and IBM’s unique position connects leading humanitarian experts with the world’s most talented and passionate developers. IBM solutions can help save lives, empower people, and come up with technology solutions that will create a better world for future generations. “

Last year’s Global Challenge team, Prometeo, invented a wearable device that measures carbon monoxide, smoke concentration, humidity and temperature, monitors firefighters’ safety in real time, and helps them improve their health in the long term. The 2020 Global Code Challenge focuses on climate change and inspires developers around the world to address this global threat.

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IBM-backed Global Code Challenge focuses on climate change