Apple develops new iOS features: iPhone/iPad doesn’t need a computer to recover from the cloud

Last year, Microsoft introduced the cloud-based download system image in Windows Preview for the first time, making it impossible to access the desktop and reinstall the system online without having a USB stick on hand. According tomedia reports, Apple is testing the iOS 13.4 beta, there are similar features. The code shows that Apple is developing the OS Recovery feature.

Apple develops new iOS features: iPhone/iPad doesn't need a computer to recover from the cloud

It may allow the iPhone/iPad to run without a PC or Mac, deploy a pure system directly from an Apple server, and perform so-called reloading or brushing.

In addition, OS Recovery even allows another iPhone/iPad device to be connected to usb for system migration, which seems to have a lot of troubled power-up scenarios.

Unfortunately, because it is still in development, the feature is not yet available, and it is uncertain whether or not it will go live.

In addition to iOS, the Apple Watch and HomePod are also in desperate need of this feature because they don’t have an external interface and can only be repaired by the Apple Store,media said.

And, bolder, the cloud-based OS recovery feature is also a stepping stone for Apple’s future of building a hole-free iPhone.