Report says Microsoft’s Surface Pen suffers ‘extreme’ accuracy problems

Some Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X owners reported “extreme” accuracy issues with their Surface Pen, which Microsoft has yet to confirm,media outlet Windows Last reported. Media found several posts on Microsoft’s own help forum and Reddit, where users documented annoying questions about their expensive Surface products.

Report says Microsoft's Surface Pen suffers 'extreme' accuracy problems

When the palm of your hand is on the screen, there may be an error with the Surface Pro 7 and possibly other Surface models, resulting in “extremely inaccurate” detection of the Surface Pen.

According to user reports, once the skin comes into contact with the Surface Pro 7’s display, the Surface Pen begins to have accuracy problems, and the stylus can only detect pressure of 5-20 levels instead of 4096. Some people have received a replacement for the Surface Pro 7, but the replacement is also affected by the same accuracy issues.

“I also have this problem on a regular basis, ” one user explained on a Microsoft forum created last year. Sometimes the stylus seems to beat more than 5 mm, making it extremely difficult to write. Unfortunately, when you call support, they don’t know the problem. They’ve sent me a second Surface Pro 7 due to other issues, but the problem is exactly the same. “

Another user said: “Surface Pro 7 (i7, 16GB, 512GB SSD); the gradient pressure curve is exactly the same when the hand touches the screen at the same time (no other offsets and so on). Starting on day 1, this is currently on win10 build 18363. The problem is on both the battery and the connected power supply (try the device’s companion device and the USB-C-powered device via the monitor). This really undermines the ink experience, and hopefully this can be diagnosed and resolved as soon as possible. “

The issue appears to be related to the Surface firmware and can be resolved with a software update. Microsoft has not confirmed reports of a lack of stress detection for the Surface Pro 7.