Tesla Secret Roadrunner Project: Low cost to $100/kWh

Beijing time on the morning of February 27th, according tomedia reports, Tesla has emerged a secret project called “Roadrunner”, which aims to large-scale production of lower-cost electric vehicle batteries. Tesla’s goal is to reduce the cost of batteries to $100/kWh, and after that goal, electric cars will be sold at the same level as gasoline vehicles without any subsidies.

Tesla Secret Roadrunner Project: Low cost to $100/kWh

Combined with mass production, electric cars will see a real take-off, as the combination of low-cost batteries and mass-production will enable them to achieve low prices and high profits, benefiting both consumers and producers alike.

So far, Tesla has been working with Panasonic to produce batteries, which has also given Tesla a leading position in the industry in terms of battery costs. But Tesla still wants to go further and make its own batteries.

In the past few months, there have been rumors that Tesla is trying to produce its own battery elements for its electric cars. The company first acquired Maxwell, a supercapacitor manufacturer with some battery-cell technology. Then, at its annual general meeting, Tesla frantically hinted that they would make their own battery cells. Earlier this month, it was reported that Tesla was piloting a battery-cell production line at its Fremont plant.

According to the source, Tesla’s secret project, called Roadrunner, aims to mass-produce new batteries that will have higher energy density and are cheaper.

The new battery core uses technology developed by Tesla’s in-house team, including technology developed by the Canadian Research Laboratory led by Jeff Dahn, and technology acquired through the acquisition of Maxwell.

Maxwell’s dry electrode technology allows Tesla to make a lower-cost, higher-energy-dense battery core that will allow the company to reduce the number of batteries used per vehicle while still earning longer range.

The source said Tesla had tested the battery core prototype through the Roadrunner secret project. The company believes it can mass produce the batteries and use them in their own vehicles, and that it may use them in its energy storage products in the future.

Over the past few months, Tesla has been secretly developing production equipment for the batteries, similar to the pilot line at the Fremont plant.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is pushing for a project to show off a Model S or Model X with Tesla’s new battery at Battery Investor Day in April, a source said.

At the event, Tesla will announce more information about the company’s battery business. In addition, at the event, Tesla is likely to announce that it will start producing battery cells in the United States, Europe and China.