Report says Disney May Not Threaten Netflix’s Streaming Dominance

According tomedia BGR, most people may think that Disney Plus will be a big hit, and the success of the streaming service has even caught some Disney executives off guard. When Disney Was first released in early November, its many classics and new shows like “The Mandalorian” were popular with viewers.

Report says Disney May Not Threaten Netflix's Streaming Dominance

Just two weeks after the launch of Disney Plus, it has amassed about 15 million subscribers. Recently, Bob Iger, Disney’s former chief executive, revealed on a earnings call that the total number of disney-plus subscribers exceeded 28.6 million. The numbers are impressive and have prompted many to believe that Disney Plus could pose a serious threat to Netflix’s continued streaming dominance.

However, a new report from DecisionData suggests that interest in Disney Plus may be waning. Specifically, the report notes a sharp drop in searches on social media for Disney Plus, media coverage and brand names.

The report states that:

Our study found that search interest in Disney Plus has fallen by more than 80 per cent in the past two months.

Netflix’s search interest has remained stable, even after the launch of Disney Plus.

Social media trends have reportedly taken a back ingress against Disney, with the number of people claiming to have cancelled subscriptions.

At least 20 percent of the new signings reported by Disney Plus come from partner agreements, including free trials (Verizon offers its customers a free one-year streaming service).

But people may have to wait until Disney releases its next earnings report to better estimate the decline in interest in Disney Plus. The success of “The Mandalorians” is a good start, but the company will need more original programming success stories to prove that it can maintain the steady growth of its subscribers.