Spielberg no longer directs “The Raiders 5” and Harrison Ford still stars.

Steven Spielberg will no longer direct the legendary action adventure series “The Raiders 5,” according to Foreign Media, and james ManNavi (“Wolf 3″” “King of the Speedcars”) or will replace Steven Spielberg’s “Snatching Soldier 5” is in early talks.

Specifically, after a long development process, Spielberg will hand over the lead of “Snatching Soldier 5” and let the next generation of filmmakers lead the series. And Man AutoNavi (Wolverine 3, “King of the Speedcars”) is in early talks with the film and is expected to take over the burden from Stoic.

Photo of “The Treasure-Snatching Soldier”

The source said the decision to leave the director’s position was entirely made by Spielberg himself. But he will continue to work as a producer on “Treasure 5.” Meanwhile, Harrison Ford will continue to play Indiana Jones.

“Snatching” was first announced in 2016, with the initial schedule set for July 19, 2019, but has since been postponed several times and is now scheduled for July 9, 2021. As for the development progress after the director’s turnover, stay tuned for more follow-up news.