Thousands of rare ‘ice eggs’ found off Finnish coast Expert: It could happen once a year in the right weather

Thousands of “eggs” are laid on the beach, such a scene, have you seen? According to the Guardian on November 7th, thousands of “ice eggs” appeared on the shore of a Finnish coast, according to experts, this “ice eggs” are in very special conditions to appear in the natural wonder.

芬兰海岸发现数千颗稀有“冰蛋” 专家: 在适当天气下可能一年发生一次

Screenshot of the Guardian report

Reported that these “ice eggs” cover edgy 30 meters of coastline. “The biggest ‘egg’ looks like a football,” says Risto Matera, a local resident who shot the Ice Egg. “

芬兰海岸发现数千颗稀有“冰蛋” 专家: 在适当天气下可能一年发生一次

The report quoted Yoni Vainho, an expert at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, as saying that this is not common, but that it can happen once a year under the right weather conditions. He said the “ice egg” is a temperature below zero, close to the freezing point of the appropriate water temperature, in the shoal by the waves washed back and forth to form. In addition, they need a “core”.

芬兰海岸发现数千颗稀有“冰蛋” 专家: 在适当天气下可能一年发生一次

“You also need something to act as a (egg) core, the core collects ice and wraps it in, the waves wash it back and forth along the coast, and the surface of the ball is splashed, gradually frozen, and getting bigger and bigger.” Vaino said.

Professor James Carter, a professor of geology at Illinois State University, says autumn is the best time to observe the phenomenon of “ice eggs”. In autumn, the water begins to form ice, and when the waves surge, some kind of mud forms. “I can imagine the water (waves) rushing back and forth to form a mixture of mud,” he says. “

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