The Latest on The Simpsons shows Disney’s co-op nightmare

When Disney bought 21st Century Fox for $71 billion last year, it didn’t hesitate to tell people how important “The Simpsons” is to its future,media reported. Now, however, the upcoming release of the latest episode of The Simpsons shows just how scary the synergies between Disney’s different divisions are.

The Latest on The Simpsons shows Disney's co-op nightmare

In “Bart the Bad Guy” last October, everyone in the animated film will be thrown into a world that MARVEL movie (MCU) fans can recognize at a glance.

The poster features mock comics based on Marvel comic characters, including The End, Iron Man and two other comic characters that appear to be based on Carmarthen and Drax. It’s the perfect combination of old Fox and new Disney.

In this episode, Bart will see a much-anticipated film — based on the Avengers franchise — before he dies. Bart decided to use the play as a threat. Fox’s official profile is as follows:

“A month before a new superhero movie was released, Bart saw it by accident. So a new supervillain was born: the play-through boy! Can the directors of hero movies stop Bart before he succumbs to the temptation of the ultimate evil? “

Remember when “Avengers: The End” director Joe Russell and Anthony Russell implored fans on Twitter not to spoil the movie? Apparently, so did the team of screenwriters for The Simpsons.

The Latest on The Simpsons shows Disney's co-op nightmare

The Latest on The Simpsons shows Disney's co-op nightmare

The episode of “The Simpsons” will tell the story of the show’s culture and the status of blockbusters such as Marvel’s “The Avengers,” which has become a big hit in the post-Disney and Fox era. Russos, who will play the media group’s executives in the episode, is angry that Bart lied to them. On top of that, Marvel Pictures president Kevin Fethchi will present his voiceover performance — he will reportedly be the voiceover for the villain Chinnos.

It is reported that the episode will be broadcast on March 1 on Fox.