1000 yuan for 20,000, who is to control massive advertising messages?

“Your 5 yuan coupon has arrived, ‘double eleven’ to open the weekend half-price model, zero-point rush to enjoy 20% discount…” “Double 11” is nearly, many consumers in the sms inbox “stuffed” full of all kinds of advertising text messages, repeated “sms bombing” is so disturbing.

“Xinhua Viewpoint” reporter survey found that these intensive push, mostly through the SMS mass messaging platform, the cost is lower, 1000 yuan can afford about 20,000.

There are consumers a day to collect more than 20 ad text messages, sending ad text messages is a certain business must be an option

Ms. Wang, a resident of Hangzhou, has been very upset recently. She showed reporters more than a week since November received text messages, from “price reduction” “receiving vouchers” to “gifts”, a variety of business advertising content should be busy, almost all related to the “double eleven” promotion. “Most of the messages I sent were from the merchants I used to shop. Ms. Wang said.

Consumer Wu Sen told reporters that from half a month ago, his mobile phone received a variety of promotional text messages, at most a day received more than 20. “These ad messages often cover important layers of text messages, especially delaying things. “

The ad message also caused many consumers to worry about information leakage, online fraud. Ms. Wang said: “A lot of advertising text messages with a WEB address, said point in to get coupons, prizes and so on.” Young people are also able to identify, if some middle-aged and elderly people receive such a text message, it may fall into the ‘virus’ trap. “

According to the “2018 “Double Eleven” Online Shopping Security Eco-Report released by the 360 Internet Security Center, the “Double Eleven” features of junk text messages are obvious, hidden fraud risk. In October 2018, 360 mobile phone guards intercepted 16.423 million spam messages per day, the vast majority of shopping promotion, mask, mobile phones, crabs, etc. are hot push products, “red envelope” “flagship store” “carnival” and other “double eleven” related words become hot words.

“This year, before the ‘Double Eleven’, the phenomenon of advertising text message bombing is happening again, and there is a growing trend. Chen Wei, a special expert at the China International E-Commerce Center, said that the e-commerce platform and the e-commerce platform in the shops, merchants are the main sender of marketing text messages.

An e-commerce insider told reporters that now merchants have consumers’ mobile phone numbers, in important promotional nodes, sending advertising text messages often become a mandatory option.

Hu Weimao, a senior researcher at the Digital Economy Think Tank, said that under the high level of competition in the market, the platform is large enough to hold hundreds of millions of consumers, as small as the manufacturers of socks, in order to compete for consumers, all want to do everything possible to reach users.

Low push costs, unsubscribe is very troublesome

Where does the mobile phone number of the ad text message come from? And in what way to send to consumers with impunity?

Qi’anxin Center for Cyber Security Research Center, Qi Zhiyong introduced, merchants send advertising text messages using mobile phone numbers and other personal information, some of which are collected by merchants themselves accumulated, some of which are resold by other institutions. Merchants send advertising text messages, generally in two ways, one is directly to the carrier to send, the other is sent through an intermediary or agency, the latter is more common.

Reporters learned that these intensive text message push, many are through the SMS mass messaging platform. Search the internet for the corresponding keywords, you can find many SMS mass messaging platform.

A “you and I time” shop customer service, give 100 yuan 1852, 500 yuan 10205, 1000 yuan 20833 price list, compared to the normal SMS charges are much cheaper.

This customer service told reporters, in the mass distribution platform will be the business background export of the phone number one click import, you can mass advertising. “The ‘Double Eleven’ was particularly good before business, and now many stores still like to use SMS notifications. Customer service also said that mass ad text messages without any policy and complaint risk, “we have done for more than a decade, as long as the send of regular content, including advertising, are OK.” “

It is understood that there are many SMS channel agents on the market, currently send content SMS prices, verification code generally 0.05 yuan a, marketing text messages generally 0.06-0.1 yuan a. In addition, some hackers are taking on business abroad by posing as regular Text messaging channels, at a lower cost to buy such services.

Can consumers reject these ad messages? This reporter inquired about Taobao, JD.com platform related terms, found taobao in its privacy policy express: if you do not want to receive sent commercial ads, “can be prompted by text message to reply to unsubscribe or other means of unsubscribe or close.” JD’s privacy policy reads: “You can cancel the mobile promotional text message we send you according to the promotional text message content prompt.” “

Chen Wei said, unsubscribe from a merchant’s advertising text message sms is relatively easy to operate, but now send advertising text messages many merchants, one-off is more troublesome, many consumers feel that the complaint is time-consuming, laborious, so can only bear.

It is illegal to advertise without the consent of consumers, and strict enforcement should be enforced to strengthen supervision

Industry insiders believe that the advertising text messages fly, reflecting some businesses with weak legal awareness, do not respect consumers’ independent choice of information.

China’s advertising law clearly stipulates that no unit or individual may send advertisements to the parties by electronic information without the consent or request of the parties concerned; The Regulations on the Administration of Communication Short Message Information Services issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology clearly state that short message service providers and short message content providers may not send commercial short messages to users without the consent or request of users;

Although these penalties, but in fact, many businesses send ad text messages are not punished, and many businesses rich, profitable, tens of thousands of yuan of fines do not have much deterrent.

Cai Xiangnan, a lawyer at Zhejiang Kaiwang Law Firm, believes that regulators should strictly enforce the law and punish businesses that violate the rules for sending abusive advertising text messages, and that e-commerce platforms should be ordered to restrain merchants and urge telecom operators to restrict the technology of sending large-scale advertisements in such a short period of time.

How can consumers effectively block ad text messages? China Mobile staff told reporters that mobile phone users can handle “sMS interception” business, mobile will automatically block the relevant spam messages, China Telecom staff said that users can call customer service and according to customer service guidance for the corresponding operational settings.

In response to the difficulty of unsubscribe from advertising text messages, Cai Xiangnan believes that consumers should be given the right to choose.

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