Russian retailer fined $1m by Sony for stealing ‘death stranded’ home before employee sale

Previously, we have reported on Sony’s global crackdown on “Death Stranding” leaking and poaching, recently, a Sony retailer in Russia hit the muzzle, a warehouse employee because before the sale of a “Death Stranding” home play, was caught by Sony, not only the employee was fired, The retailer was also fined 1 million rubles (about 110,000 yuan).

俄罗斯零售商被索尼罚款100万 因员工发售前偷拿《死亡搁浅》回家玩

According to foreign media RT, Sony’s presence at a Russian retailer saw “Death Stranding” in a batch of inventory at the Russian retailer’s warehouse and took the game home. As a result, after the warehouse employee activated the game on his PS4, Sony immediately received an alert (because it was before the game went on sale), and sony tracked the warehouse employee and found him to be an avid island fan, a brief investigation that resulted in the Russian retailer being fined 1 million roubles.

The employee was eventually fired, but it wasn’t enough for Sony, which was not only fined but also had its reputation damaged, after which Sony had to issue a notice to all its retail stores urging them to protect Death Stranding away from being stolen at all costs by keeping them in tight offices or safes Until the day of sale, it was even suggested that the game disc be hidden in a tape box.

俄罗斯零售商被索尼罚款100万 因员工发售前偷拿《死亡搁浅》回家玩

Death Stranding has been unlocked on the PS4 platform today (November 8) and will land on the PC platform in early summer 2020.

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