Man fined for high-speed speeding but complain the navigation not remind him

Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, navigation software is becoming more and more advanced. We are also increasingly dependent on navigation when we travel on a daily basis. Especially when driving, not only can you direct the route, but also remind us to avoid violations. However, we should not rely too much on navigation, after all, when any software has bugs.

Recently, China Hubei high-speed traffic police under the army brigade in the e-province of the border when the investigation of a car speeding violations, the driver faced punishment, full of brain hair, even strange navigation did not remind him.

On the morning of November 5, Hubei high-speed traffic police under the lumen highway in the province of Eyu, on duty, through the test instrument card transmission of speeding photos found a car speeding, speed limit 100KM/h, speed 125KM/h, speed ratio 25%, is a serious speeding behavior.

The traffic police then stopped the car and showed him photos and videos of his speeding. The driver, Jane, confirmed that he was driving the vehicle and confessed to the crime of speeding.


When the traffic police asked him why he was speeding, Jane said that the navigation software did not remind me, usually their own driving are very attentive to listen to navigation tips, but at that time the navigation did not prompt their speed limit information, so speeding.


For such reasons, the traffic police are also speechless. The car is their own driving, and not navigation software, need to pay attention to the roadside road sign information, not too dependent on electronic equipment. Subsequently, the traffic police warned Jane of the dangers of speeding, and in accordance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law for his speeding behavior, a penalty of 6 points, a fine of 200 yuan.

Here, want to remind everyone, in the driving process, navigation information for reference only, the specific driving method solely according to the current road conditions. Can not rely solely on navigation, after all, there are some cases, there will be no signal, or the actual traffic information and navigation cloud database is different. This time, Jane is a typical example of being navigated by a hole because she is too dependent.

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