Can the 400-capacity space hotel be completed in 2025?

The Gateway Foundation, a Us-based company, is developing a future “space hotel” that plans to build the human “first spaceport”, named the Von Braun Rotating Space Station, which will orbit the Earth, allowing not only scientific research but also visitors looking to experience life in space. The Gateway Foundation plans to complete the spaceport as early as 2025, and The station’s chief architect, Timothy Alatorre, said the future could serve as a space hotel and would be the largest man-made structure in space, with a capacity of up to 450 people. It is understood he is currently designing the interior structure of the space station, including residential areas and gymnasiums.

可容纳400人的太空旅馆2025年建成 真能按时实现吗?

The concept of the space station is derived from the idea of Werner von Braun, who pioneered manned spaceflight for Germany, and the Gateway Foundation is now using his design inspiration to develop a rotating space station.

The space station’s design was inspired by science fiction from the past 50 years and the dream of how humans could have a starship civilization, Alatosaid said. He believes the space station’s design was also inspired by the sci-fi dramas Star Trek and Star Wars, in which many people live in space, run their own businesses and have their own cultural industries.

Space Inn to be built by 2025

Even so that the rotating space station uses artificial gravity to provide a comfortable environment for passengers, passengers can’t get rid of the sense of weightlessness in space.

Now, Gateway Foundation officials say the rotating space station may not be built in 2025, with the main goal of developing the station’s main structure and basic functions until then, with the project expected to begin operations in 2025 and the full station to be completed in 2027.

In the future, the space hotel will enter Earth’s orbit, with one or two new passengers arriving each week, where they can live for days or weeks, Alatol said.

可容纳400人的太空旅馆2025年建成 真能按时实现吗?

Need to build a space station?

Gateway Foundation believes such a project is now possible because commercial space companies like SpaceX are maturing and space launches are cheaper.

‘The 2025 construction schedule further contributes to the realization of the space project, and we can understand that time delays are almost inevitable in the space space sector, but based on our internal projections and our existing technology, we believe it is possible to build a rotating space station in 2025,’ said Alatol, chief architect of the rotating space station.

‘I have a way to put the station into orbit, which may not be the way we work at NASA, but I think it’s possible to design and manufacture hardware in a fairly short period of time,’ said Gary Kitmacher, a NASA research fellow on the International Space Station program.

The team will also need to consider variables related to space, such as the transition of space temperature from extreme heat to extreme cold as it orbits the Earth, depending on whether the astronauts are in direct sunlight or in the dark.

Katie Maccher said: “The real concern is how to design a human space habitat, where space passengers need to live in pressurized tanks that can solve the sudden changes in temperature in the space environment. “

Katie Mitchell stressed that building a space hotel in 2025 may not be realistic, with a large commercial aircraft typically going on for about 10 years, so it’s more realistic to build a space hotel in the next 10 years. If Gateway Foundation continues to insist on building the station in 2025, time is tight and there are many difficult factors to determine, the main obstacle that the company must overcome is actually the cost, not just the cost of design, certification, but also the cost of deploying the entire station in orbit. There is also a budget for transporting space passengers to and from the airport.

Social factors

In addition to the technical challenges of building the space station, gateway Foundation will also face a number of social problems that could affect the normal construction of the space station.

If the Space Inn is eventually built, it means that employees will have to be in space flight and microgravity for a long time and be exposed to a range of effects on human health.

As more people enter space in the future, there may be more provisions applicable to space travel, and space passengers will also need to be subject to legal restrictions and restrictions.

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