Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Exposure: Model SM-F700

On November 8th XDA editor-in-chief Max Winebach tweeted that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 model, the SM-F700, has a new design. Max Winebach has yet to reveal details of the Galaxy Fold 2, after Samsung showed off a fold-up folding screen scheme that has been speculated to be likely to be applied to the Galaxy Fold 2.   

上下翻折的三星Galaxy Fold 2曝光:型号SM-F700

The scheme is similar to a traditional flip phone, which, according to Samsung’s official promotional video, automatically shrinks when it is folded.

Earlier, Samsung Electronics Mobile chief executive Gao Dongzhen said it would increase production of folding-screen phones next year and announce the release date of the next generation of folding phones in due course.

Notably, Samsung’s first folding-screen phone has been launched in China, with the China Edition priced at 15,999 yuan. According to official figures, the Galaxy Fold line channel sold out within five minutes and was in high demand.

上下翻折的三星Galaxy Fold 2曝光:型号SM-F700

上下翻折的三星Galaxy Fold 2曝光:型号SM-F700


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