Baidu announces Q4 financial results: net profit of 9.2 billion yuan, up 95% year-on-year

Baidu today reported unaudited results for the fourth and full fiscal yearended sq.e. ended December 31. The report showed that Baidu’s total revenue in the fourth quarter was RMB28.9 billion, up 6% YoY, while net profit reached RMB9.2 billion (non-GAAP), up 95% YoY. Full-year revenue of RMB107.4 billion.

Baidu announces Q4 financial results: net profit of 9.2 billion yuan, up 95% year-on-year

In terms of mobile business performance, Baidu App and December active users reached 195 million, up 21% YoY; Baidu App’s in-app search esthemline increased by nearly 30% YoY; 100 Content Creators reached 2.6 million, up 38% YoY; and Smart Small Programs reached 316 million active users in December, up 114% YoY.

Smart new business performance, small degree, In December, the number of small assistant voice interactions more than 5 billion times, more than three times the same period last year; According to Strategy Analytics, the small smart speaker shipments in 2019 ranked first in the Chinese market.

In November, Baidu unveiled an end-to-end remote-field automatic speech recognition (ASR) solution based on its own design of the Hony Artificial Intelligence chip. On Baidu’s open ai-intelligence platform, developers call Baidu’s brain speech recognition engine more than 10 billion times. In December, Baidu’s pre-training model ERNIE topped the list of THE authoritative data set in natural language processing, GLUE.

On AI services, Baidu has partnered with Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to form a blockchain alliance to enable cross-line information verification on Baidu’s blockchain service (BaaS) platform. Tesla China chose Baidu Maps to provide its map data service in China.

In December, the Apollo 5.5 version was launched at Baidu’s Apollo Eco-Conference, which supports peer-to-peer city autonomous driving. As of December, The Apollo team has a total test mileage of more than 3 million kilometers, covering 23 cities including Beijing, Wuhan, Zhangzhou and Changchun.