After WeWork loses IPO, Apple will turn its experience into a TV series

Beijing time on February 28, according tomedia reports, sources revealed that TV producers Lee Eisenberg and Drew Crevello are making an as-yet-untitled show for Apple’s streaming service, Apple TV Plus. The series is based on Wondery’s podcast, WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork.

After WeWork loses IPO, Apple will turn its experience into a TV series

WeWork was once one of the hottest start-ups, with valuations of nearly $50bn at one point, but the company fell out of favour after a series of reports of mismanagement and self-dealing by its co-founder and former Adam Neumann. The company’s highly anticipated IPO prospectus shows that the company’s huge losses were partly due to Mr Neumann’s unpredictable behaviour, which led to his ouster in September.

WeWork then cancelled its IPO plans and accepted a bailout from SoftBank, and the company’s valuation dropped to about $5 billion. While the new top management wants to lead the company back to growth, several of its executives have chosen to leave. Several of WeWork’s executive positions remain missing, including CFO and CTO, and other key positions are vacant.

Eisenberg and Crivero will help Apple turn WeWork’s ups and downs into a TV series that they will write and shoot, the report said. In January, Eisenberg signed a multi-year deal with Apple to provide content for Apple’s streaming service.

Ceverello is a former Warner Bros. executive who has appeared in such well-known films as Tomb Raider 2 and Curse 2.

In addition to Apple, other producers are preparing two weWork productions, one for a movie and one for a TV series. Unlike Apple, the two as-yet-untitled movies and TV shows will be based on mainstream media coverage and upcoming books written by journalists.