Microsoft’s Edge team announces more details on the “Block Potentially Harmful Applications” feature

In a blog post updated today, the Microsoft Edge team provides more details about the Block PotentialLy Harmful Applications (PUA) feature. Originally launched in the Build 80.0.338.0 Stable Branch, this feature helps users avoid downloading content that reduces the user experience or potentially malicious.

PuA apps are defined in the blog post as creating additional ads that invoke resources to mine cryptocurrencies, applications that serve other software, and applications that the AV industry considers to be reputable.

This feature is turned off by default and can be enabled by going to the “…” menu in the upper right corner, Settings and Privacy and Services, and then scrolling down to the service to enable Block potentially harmful applications. It is important to note that microsoft Defender SmartScreen should also be enabled for this feature to work. When a user downloads an application that the service considers puA, it blocks the download and prompts the user.

Those who still want to continue downloading can click three points (… Menu and select the Hold option to select the overlay block. The service also allows users to mark the app as reputable through the Downloads section and then review it by the team.