Google Cloud Salt Lake City New Data Center Is Officially Launched

Google Cloud announced today that its new data center in Salt Lake City has officially opened, bringing the total number of such data centers to 22. As the third data center in the western U.S., Salt Lake City will work with Dalles in Los Angeles and Oregon to provide regional customers with adequate computing power and low latency.

Google Cloud Salt Lake City New Data Center Is Officially Launched

“We are committed to building the most secure, high-performance, and scalable public cloud, and will continue to invest in infrastructure to bring it closer to our customers’s needs,” said Jennifer Chason, head of corporate cloud operations in Google’s Western States and Southern California.

Typically, cloud service providers open new offices in areas with more potential customers, with the benefit of being able to spread workloads across the same set of regional resources to minimize latency.

It’s worth noting that Salt Lake City is a thriving start-up base that will benefit more from Google Cloud’s new data center.

In addition, Google announced a multi-year partnership with payPal, a veteran customer, to move a portion of the latter’s payment system to the western region.

Earlier, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, shared its quarterly earnings for the first time, saying it had more than $10 billion in operations.

While there is still a long way to go before competitors such as Microsoft and Amazon, Google Cloud is expected to gain a bigger market share in the future as its reach continues to expand.