Microsoft Soundscape barrier-free technology is ready to work with Bose Frames

Back in 2018, Bose introduced a premium sunglasses called Frames. As the company’s first audio augmented reality platform, it not only integrates wireless headset capabilities, but also streams music messages, makes phone calls, and accesses voice assistants. While the wearer is immersed in it, the people around them will not be disturbed at all. Now, Microsoft has announced a new feature that allows its own Soundscape barrier-free technology to be used with Bose Frames smart sunglasses.

Microsoft Soundscape barrier-free technology is ready to work with Bose Frames

It is reported that Soundscape aims to help visually impaired people choose their walking paths through audio-based technology that provides audio feedback and environmental descriptions to make them feel more comfortable in unfamiliar environments.

Sensors in Bose Frames help Microsoft Soundscape sense head movements.

The 3D chime sinuses created by Soundscape are then used to help the wearer identify the location of the ‘landmark’ to enhance environmental awareness and navigation.

Early testers say the combination is natural, giving them a better understanding of their surroundings. Because the magic of Bose Frames is the ability to know where and where the user is facing.

Mehul Trivedi, Senior Director of Consumer Wearables at Bose, says:

Combined with information from head motion sensors and GPS data from users’ mobile devices, we were able to get additional layers of audio information from applications like Microsoft Soundscape to create a more meaningful connection between people and the world around them.