Zhejiang University team found new coronavirus in patients’ tears and conjunctiva secretions

“Zhejiang University” WeChat public on February 28 news, the new coronavirus in addition to respiratory transmission, whether there are other ways, which has been a hot issue of concern to researchers. On February 26, Professor Shen Wei, vice-president of the First Academy of Medical College of Zhejiang University and leader of ophthalmology, published a study online in the Journal of Medical Virology, revealing that in the study’s new sample of patients with coronary pneumonia, There were samples of tears and conjunctiva secretions in a conjunctivitis patient who tested positive for the virus in nucleic acid tests.

Zhejiang University team found new coronavirus in patients' tears and conjunctiva secretions

The first author of the study is Xia Jianhua, and the co-authors of the joint newsletter are Shen Wei and Guo Dongxuan. The first unit of the thesis is the first hospital attached to Zhejiang University Medical College.

Shen introduced that it is of great significance to study different modes of transmission to grasp the law of new coronavirus infection and improve disease treatment and prevention and control measures.

From January 26 to February 9, Zhejiang University researchers studied 30 patients with new coronary pneumonia diagnosed at the First Hospital affiliated with Zhejiang University Medical College to study a mixture of their tear fluid and conjunctiva secretions. In the first phase of 6 sample studies, no nucleic acid test positive virus. The team decided that the existing samples were not representative and comprehensive, and that it was necessary to extend the observation cycle and continue to conduct sampling and research in the isolation ward.

The team found in a patient with new coronary pneumonia that had conjunctiva inflammation in his left eye, a red eye disease caused by the new corona, which was not found in the right eye. In the previous understanding, the patient was admitted to the hospital without conjunctivitis. The nucleic acid tests of other patients in this study were negative.

Zhejiang University team found new coronavirus in patients' tears and conjunctiva secretions

Research samples

“The difference in the patient’s eyes is very representative, and with consent, we looked at whether conjunctiva inflammation was associated with the virus. “Through nucleic acid testing, Zhejiang University researchers found that the new coronavirus in the left eye with conjunctivitis tested positive, while the right eye was negative. In order to ensure the accuracy of the study, three nucleic acid examinations were performed on the conjunctiva secretions of both eyes, and the results were consistent.

At present, the patient through the comprehensive antiviral treatment, the overall cure of the case, conjunctiva inflammation also turned good, again detect the eye virus to the negative. Researchers say they are still studying how patients develop eye conjunctiva inflammation due to the new coronavirus.

Shen Wei introduced that through this study can draw the following conclusions: 1, patients left eye conjunctivitis and the new coronavirus related;

Shen said the practical significance of the study is to remind medical staff to examine suspicious cases, in addition to wearing masks, but also wear goggles. This research provides a scientific basis for the further improvement of the guidelines and standards related to the prevention and control of new coronaviruses in the country.

“The conjunctiva is what we usually call the outermost layer of eye white, is the eye and air contact isolation, oxygen can be absorbed in the conjunctiva, participate in the metabolic barrier function, its function normally can block the invasion of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Shen Wei introduced whether the new coronavirus can find human immune loopholes into the human body is still to be further studied, looking forward to through cooperation to solve the puzzle.