Sony’s new patent edfony PS5 handle or add wireless charging

Recently, according tomedia reports, Sony in the summer of 2019 to the World Intellectual Property Organization, a patent was made public, according to patent information, the PS5 handle may be wireless charging design. According to patent information, Sony plans to develop a “wireless charging adapter that can be connected to a game controller and can be induced to be coupled to a charging station to wirelessly charge the battery in the controller.” “

The design will allow the user to disconnect the controller and adapter from the charging station to continue interacting with the console during charging.

In other words, the wireless charging adapter can be attached to the handle of the PS5, and is easy to use and charge on- and with it.

However, it is not clear whether Sony will add the corresponding wireless charging function on the console, if you can add on the host, you can achieve the handle directly on the host can be charged, quite fascinating.

But since it’s a patent, it could be done, or just a drawing, but even that means Sony is starting to think about the application of wireless charging on the console, so let’s wait and see.

Sony's new patent edfony PS5 handle or add wireless charging