Microsoft upgrades Project xCloud to allow players to stream PC games

Microsoft is continuing to improve its Project xCloud project, and it looks like the service will be greatly expanded in the future, allowing players to stream PC games like GeForce Now. According to Brad Sams, Microsoft’smedia editor, Microsoft is currently developing the feature, but few details are being revealed. But he revealed that the official announcement will be announced soon, so players won’t wait long.

Microsoft upgrades Project xCloud to allow players to stream PC games

For GeForce Now, NVIDIA’s debut didn’t go well, and several publishers have pulled their games out of the platform. Microsoft may learn this lesson by engaging publishers and allowing players to stream their games through xCloud.

As for Project xCloud, it allows players to stream directly from the cloud to their Android/Apple phone or tablet via Wifi or mobile networks, combining the Xbox One handle without having to buy an Xbox console or game.

Project xCloud operates on a specialPC/Xbox One blade, offering high-quality, low-latency cloud streaming services to 140 countries through Microsoft’s Azure Data Center in 54 locations around the world, allowing players to enjoy the game over current 4G or 5G networks.

Microsoft says the service is not a substitute for game consoles, but rather wants to offer players a choice of services with more features, and that users who may not have traditional consoles can enter the Xbox world. The service is designed to allow players to play Xbox games with more devices such as tablets, phones or other connected devices to meet a wide range of player needs, allowing players to enjoy Xbox games whether they are at home or out of the home.