The “enemy” of all games in 2019 is capitalism

Most games with plot series have good guys and bad ones, but according to an article on WindowsCentral, the biggest villain in the game in 2019 turned out to be “capitalism.” For example, in the three games of “The Outer Worlds”, “Disco Elysium” and “Borderlands 3”, although the performance of different techniques, but the opponents of the three games are “capitalism”.


The article talks about the way the three games, “The Outer Worlds”, “Disco Elysium” and “Borderlands 3”, shape the villainal “capitalism”, in “The Outer Worlds”, the first town to establish a bureaucracy, which needs to punish sick and suicidal people to maintain their own operational efficiency, The game wants players to think about deep-rooted capitalism in the social fabric.

“Disco Elysium” creates a world full of failure. The underclass uprising failed, and the communist workers went on strike. Government agencies and their mercenaries tried to prevent the strike and failed. In the game the player is a police man who needs to solve a murder related to an economic conflict. Failure also translates into a central argument: the world is in trouble, and the game explores concepts such as self-destruction and communism.

The foundation in “Borderlands” became villains,  Pandora star was anarchist, and the foundation held high capital, as well as a pathy to violence, which was common in the role of “Borderlands”, regardless of their social status.


Of course, the game’s thinking about capitalism and other economic issues is not important to players at all, but all these things are important to the game industry. Now the game is more profitable than ever, but the game studio is closing and hundreds of workers are facing the crisis of unemployment. Think of these gaming companies: Telltale, Activision Blizzard, Amazon Game Studios, ArenaNet, EA (Australia) Firemonkeys, and more. Many game studios have been closed and hundreds of employees have been laid off, and that’s just what’s happened over the past year and a half.

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