Apple Japan Shares Anime-themed Behind the Mac Video

Apple Japan shared a new “Behind the Mac” animated video on its YouTube channel using a variety of anime characters made by Mac, while background music came from the work of Japanese artist Yoshiho Nakamura,media reported. The 30-second ad, aimed at Japanese consumers, celebrates the appearance of Apple products in animated films produced in the country.

Apple Japan Shares Anime-themed Behind the Mac Video

In the Behind the Mac series, new stories emerge. There is a story that is not in this world.

Animated films feature characters such as “Son of the Weather,” “Electric Superman,” “Your Name,” “The Mountaineer Girl” and more.

The ad is part of Apple’s “Behind the Mac” campaign to promote mac use in the creative industries, especially music production. In this particular video, it seems more about how Macs are used in animation. The description of the video includes a link that takes users to apple’s official web page to explain the role of Mac for students and educators. The page has a similar animated theme.

Apple also shared several other “Behind the Mac” ads that focused on creators who use Macs to create art, program, create music, and more.