Vatican’s AI regulatory initiative IBM Microsoft has announced its participation

Vatican officials have called for stricter ethical standards for the development of artificial intelligence (AI), with tech giants IBM and Microsoft among the first companies to sign up to the Rome Call for AI Ethics Initiative,media reported. It is reported that the initiative lists six principles: transparency, inclusion, responsibility, fairness, reliability, security and privacy.

Vatican's AI regulatory initiative IBM Microsoft has announced its participation

These principles believe that technology should protect people, especially vulnerable groups. In addition, they urged policymakers around the world to create new forms of regulation of advanced technologies that pose a higher risk to human rights.

“AI is a very promising technology that can help us make the world smarter, healthier, and more prosperous,” said John Kelly III, IBM’s vice president, after signing the agreement. “

The Vatican wants to ensure that companies do not use AI to collect data without individual consent and then use it for commercial or political gain. A recent example shows that thousands of U.S. federal government agencies and private companies are using software owned by facial recognition company Clearview AI that collects facial data without people knowing.

The initiative also states that humans must establish a system of interpretation responsibility, and that AI-based algorithms should provide individuals with information on how they make decisions to ensure that there is no bias.

Vatican officials hope to keep the number of signatories to the AI ethics initiative growing in the coming months. In addition, they hope to work with universities around the world to push more scientific research into ethical AI guidelines.