Cook talks about the long-term effects of the new corona virus outbreak in new talk show

Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, visited Birmingham, Alabama, on Thursday, where he gave an interview to Fox Business, according tomedia. On Friday, the media shared some of Cook’s interviews about the new coronavirus outbreak, but now a full 10-minute video of the interview has been released.

Cook talks about the long-term effects of the new corona virus outbreak in new talk show

Commenting on the new coronavirus outbreak, Cook added that everything was proceeding as expected to “get things back on track” but that it would take some time. “Overall, I think it’s a temporary situation, not a long-term thing,” Mr Cook said. Apple has a solid foundation, and that’s my view. “

Mr Cook said he was not sure whether the outbreak would continue to have an impact on Apple’s sales beyond the third quarter. “We’re still in February and there’s reason to be optimistic, but we’ll see,” he said. “The current outbreak of new coronary pneumonia in South Korea and Italy is more severe, and Cook said he thinks it’s important to see “what’s going on there and whether there are new results.”

Regarding the inventory fluctuations caused by the outbreak, Cook said:

I’m not too concerned about the short-term situation related to the market. I think for me and the way the company operates, we’re moving in the long term, and I don’t think it’s a long-term difference from what happened today four weeks ago.

The market takes time to realize this, and so on. It will do what it will do, and I’m the last person to be able to predict it. For me, yes, I did it over. Look at the factors and look to the future. The future looks very bright.

Asked if He was working to move more of his supply chain beyond China, Mr Cook said parts from Apple devices came from all over the world, as he often did. In China, Mr Cook said, Apple was particularly concerned about the resilience of its supply chain, rather than the disaster itself.

When we get to the other side, the question for us will be, “Is there flexibility there, do we need to make some changes?” “The point I’m sitting here today is that if there’s a change, you’re talking about adjusting some of the links, not some kind of fundamental change.

Cook also talked about his relationship with U.S. President Donald Trump and whether his efforts to get involved in the Trump campaign have provoked a backlash from staff.

I try to say what I have to do and do it. My point is that communication is always the best, because standing idly by and shouting can’t do anything but polarize.

I want to adapt and play a role, and if I don’t agree with something, I want to try and influence it. If I agree on something, I want to try to expand and figure out how I can be a great citizen of this country. That’s how I think about things and the way we lead the company.

Cook also touched on other topics, such as Apple’s plans to open a retail store in India and Apple’s policy focus.