Tesla completes tree clean-up at Site site in Berlin’s Superplant

The latest drone footage has confirmed that Tesla has successfully completed the clean-up of trees at the site of its new super factory in Berlin,media reported. This information is particularly important because preparations are unlikely to take place if the company does not get permission from the local government.

Tesla completes tree clean-up at Site site in Berlin's Superplant

This news is especially important because if the permit is significantly delayed, Tesla will have problems with nesting birds and bats, which could delay the project for another few months.

It is reported that the downed trees will be used as cardboard, because the forest is artificially cultivated, so as compensation, Tesla promised to plant a better, more diverse, three times the size of the original forest in a different place.

Tesla is reportedly aiming to eventually achieve its target of mass production of 750,000 electric vehicles per year here. Tesla’s first electric cars will be launched in July 2021, according to a document submitted by Tesla to local regulators in Germany, according to a document published in the media.

Tesla hopes to replicate the success of its Super 3 plant in Germany, which took only 10 months to build.