China State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau: Major e-commerce platforms have removed e-cigarettes off shelves

Reporter yesterday (7th) from the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau learned that the new rules on the ban on the sale of e-cigarettes, the current major e-commerce platforms have been off the shelf of e-cigarette products. Reporters in the platform conducted a search, found that has been unable to retrieve e-cigarette-related information.


Tmall, another home appliance manufacturer, also issued a response, from now on, the sale of e-cigarette-related products, the ban on e-cigarette-related products and advertising. It is understood that there are currently, Tmall, Pinduoduo, and other 9 home appliance platforms shield e-cigarette stores, and off the e-cigarette products. Several e-cigarette companies have also closed all e-commerce platform stores to enable the entire network of products off the shelves.

In addition, regulators have made specific requirements according to the different types of enterprises. In the case of search engines, in addition to cleaning up and blocking keyword searches involving e-cigarettes, it is also required to clean up links to websites where e-cigarettes are sold under natural search results.


The relevant person in charge of the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau said that at this stage, China’s e-cigarette supervision focus on the protection of minors, the next step in the market supervision of e-cigarette products will also increase, will join a number of relevant law enforcement departments, in accordance with the law to investigate and punish all kinds of illegal acts.

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