Apple’s self-driving program started back in 2014

In recent years, many tech giants and auto makers have been involved in the hot lying world of self-driving cars, including Apple. News of Apple’s involvement in self-driving began in 2016, with mining engineers, secretly setting up research and development labs in Berlin, Germany, and a return to the mountains of a former hardware executive, and a number of news about Apple’s self-driving project, codenamed “Titan.”

Apple's self-driving program started back in 2014

And in June 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook first publicly acknowledged that the company was developing self-driving systems, sparking rumors that The company was dabbling in self-driving.

But in recent reports,media have argued that Apple’s self-driving start-up was not 2017, which Cook has publicly acknowledged, or 2016, which was the year of the news, but that it was launched earlier.

Apple,which is headquartered in California, which has a number of self-driving companies, including Waymo, is also leading the industry in the development and testing of self-driving cars, and they recently released a road test report on self-driving cars in California, whichmedia also reported on apple’s self-driving project.

Themedia reported that Apple’s self-driving program had been launched as early as 2014. In 2017, three years after its launch, Apple has been granted permission to test self-driving cars on California’s roads, and is one of 64 companies that can currently test self-driving cars on California’s public roads.

Althoughmedia said that Apple launched the self-driving project as early as 2014, but Apple’s official website has not yet released the relevant news, coupled with Apple’s tradition of secrecy, executives will hardly take the initiative to announce the ongoing projects, products or services after the launch, will not necessarily be announced some details of the development, The iPhone is an example.

But even if Apple launched its self-driving program in 2014, as reported bymedia, it will be ahead of Waymo, which is currently at the forefront of the industry. From 2009 to the end of 2015, Waymo spent $1.1 billion on autonomous driving, which means Waymo’s self-driving program was launched at least in 2009,media reported.