Increase disenutiening 14nm capacity Intel “resurrection” Costa Rica packaging plant

Intel has announced a 25 percent increase in 14nm capacity, and now it’s back in the way, reviving its encapsulation plant in Costa Rica, which could start as soon as April. For Intel, the CPU market dilemma is mainly two difficult ies have not been solved, one is the competition of friends, the other is their own out of stock, the latter is actually more impact, the problem is not only the impact of low-end CPU, Core and The Strong supply is also somewhat affected.

Raising 14nm capacity is not only a matter of CPU manufacturing base, but also a huge investment in the factory that makes the CPU, which is a billion investment, and it will take several years to build it, so increasing production capacity also needs to start from somewhere else, such as increasing the capacity of the sealing.

Intel’s CPU is currently being built mainly at four packaging plants in China, Vietnam and Malaysia, and in order to increase production capacity, Intel chose to revive the Costa Rican packaging plant.

Costa Rica is located in North America and has a territory of 51,000 square kilometres, about the size of Ireland. Intel has been investing in semiconductor packaging plants here since 1997, and in 2013 Intel packaged CPU exports accounted for 21% of the country’s

But as the semiconductor industry shifted, Intel announced in 2014 that it would cut its packaging plant in Costa Rica and move to Asia.

Now, in an effort to add 14nm capacity, Inel has announced the reactivation of its encapsulation plant in Costa Rica, and officials say it is implementing the program in phases, starting in April as soon as April, reaching a second milestone in August.

After that, the Costa Rican plant will be the fourth to package a 14nm processor, first a Xeon processor, and then a Core processor.