Nanke University developed mask regeneration equipment 3 minutes sterilization mask recycling

Spraying alcohol? Steamated at high temperature? Sun exposure? In order to recycle masks, people have tried to do everything possible, but professionals point out that these methods are not reliable. Recently, Professor Cheng Xin, head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (the “Materials Department”) of Southern University of Science and Technology, developed a low-cost, desktop-type high-efficiency sterilization mask regeneration equipment (“mask regeneration equipment”) for the emergency development of the new coronal pneumonia outbreak.

The device can sterilise and regenerated used masks, reducing the supply of masks while reducing the potential pollution of large quantities of discarded masks to the public environment and public health.

Since the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, masks and other small pieces of personal protection materials have become a must-have, must-use items. With the resumption of production in factories, enterprises and so on, the demand for masks will further increase. At present, due to the shortage of raw materials for the production of masks, the supply of masks is still tight.

Nanke University developed mask regeneration equipment 3 minutes sterilization mask recycling

How can we improve the utilization of masks? At present, there is no shortage of disinfection equipment on the market, but there is no special protective products for masks designed disinfection products.

Professor Cheng Xin’s team completed the principle and program design, drawing design and assembly of the prototype of the sterilization device in less than a week, and applied for several patents. The mask regeneration equipment integrates with a variety of killing methods, can quickly achieve the mask residual bacteria and viruses, without destroying the basic protective functions of the mask. Cheng Xin introduced, the team developed the mask regeneration equipment through infrared lamp rapid heating and high-intensity UV lamp exposure and other functional modules, to achieve the mask harmless regeneration treatment, can be in less than 3 minutes to quickly and effectively eliminate viruses and bacteria, each device a day (according to 10 hours) can handle 400 masks.

Currently, the research and development team is working with third-party testing agencies to obtain independent evaluation and certification. The first batch of equipment will be delivered to factories, schools, hospitals and other units, as an emergency use of epidemic prevention. The follow-up will be with the help of Shenzhen’s powerful electronic equipment manufacturing resources, as soon as possible to achieve mass production. The team also cooperated with the Second Affiliated Hospital of The University of Southern Science and Technology (Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital) to test the sterilization and disinfection effect of the mask recycling equipment prototype. In addition, the team also carried out a new version of the combination mask sterilization and regeneration equipment development work, can be the first version of the equipment on the basis of further the treatment of the mask to the original level of protection.

Nanke University developed mask regeneration equipment 3 minutes sterilization mask recycling

It is reported that the mask regeneration equipment in the daily also has a wide range of uses, can be goggles, masks, personal towels, water glasses and other items to provide rapid killing capacity. Equipment for homes, offices, kindergartens, nursing homes and other common places to provide fast and efficient sterilization capacity, for the elderly, infants and other vulnerable people with weak immunity in the flu, pneumonia and other epidemic diseases in the high season to provide effective protection.

The equipment research and development team includes researchers and mechanical and electrical designers from Chengxin Group and Yuxian Technology Company hatched by Nanke University. The team has a wealth of experience and ability to develop instruments and equipment, give full play to the rich material and microstructure analysis and characterization equipment of the University of Southern Science and Technology, the mask material, bacteria and virus microstructure, bacterial killing effect, etc. , but also by the support of the relevant experts of the University of Southern Science and Technology.