7nm Navi graphics: AMD’s share of stand-alone increase sits to 31% NVIDIA share falls to 69%

Following the global GPU shipment report, JRP recently released the 2019 Q4 Q4 Global AIB Exclusive Report, the quarter-end showed 12.3 million units, up 12.2% YoY, up 33.4% YoY, AMD’s market share increased to 31.08%, compared with the same period last year 18.77%.

JPR said it was the third consecutive quarter of global growth, but the good news was expected to be disrupted in Q1, as the impact of the outbreak, the disruption of supply chains in the Chinese market, would result in flat or lower supply chain shipments, with manufacturers giving guidance showing a decline of about 9 per cent.

7nm Navi graphics: AMD's share of stand-alone increase sits to 31% NVIDIA share falls to 69%

At present, the GPU market is mainly AMD and NVIDIA two people to turn, AMD GPU market share from the previous year’s 18.77 percent to 31.08 percent, from 27.08 percent to 31.08 percent.

NVIDIA, for its part, saw its GPU share decline, down 68.92 percent from 81.23 percent a year earlier, and 4 percentage points lower month-on-month, with the gap going back to 7:3 from 8:2.

Given that AMD launched the RX 5500 and RX 5600 series in Q4 last year, combined with the previous RX 5700 series releases, these benefits are key to driving the surge in AMD graphics card shipments.

In addition, JPR also focused on intel’s entry into the unique market, is expected to be officially released in Q4 2020.

JPR does not believe that Intel’s addition will have a direct impact on overall sales, but will change market share. Given the strength of the Intel brand, it may give some gamers expectations, leading to delays in purchasing the current AMD/NVIDIA graphics card.

In other words, people will be waiting to see Intel enterthe single GPU market, and if you do well, there will certainly be a lot of people to choose from.