Huawei Chief Security Officer: U.S. tough stance will hurt itself, disgrace and vain

Andy Purdy, Huawei’s chief security officer, warned that the U.S. government’s tough stance on the company would hurt the U.S. and lead to the loss of jobs as the supplier was forced to look elsewhere for parts, Mobile World Live reported. Mr Purdy said the situation was that a large number of US companies “wanted to sell to Huawei, but the government would not allow them to do so”, referring to the export ban.

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He said the supplier was frustrated by the government’s refusal to discuss what it considered to be a risk to Huawei. He added that his biggest concern was “the threat to American jobs”.

“We can’t have a meeting with the government right now. Our suppliers and customers are dealing with them. We’re trying to send a message to our suppliers that 130 U.S. companies, $11 billion a year in revenue and more than 40,000 jobs. ”

As a result of the ban, Huawei’s “current 5G technology does not require U.S. components at all.”

Mr. Purdy has opened the door to correcting this and says it wants to continue buying from the U.S., where it is now sourcing to ensure support for customers around the world.

“If we’re forced to do this, we’ll buy (products) from someone else.” This will hurt American jobs and cause losses. It would be a shame and in vain . . . for the U.S. government. ”

In an exchange with Mobile World Live, Mr. Purdy also discussed the impact of Huawei’s plight on rural areas of the United States and how to learn from eu counterparts to establish a broader security framework.

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