AMD Ryzen 5000 Series processor as soon as 2021 Q1

According to AMD specifications, the Zen3 architecture after the 7nm Zen2 has been developed, will use the 7nm-EUV process, IPC performance improvement of about 10-15%, released later this year. Zen3 is followed by Zen4, with the latest revelationthat that the Zen4 processor will be available as soon as 2021 Q1. The German PCGH website recently analyzed the latest roadmap for AMD and Intel processors, first looking at AMD’s side:

First of all, the 7nm Zen2 architecture of the Ryzen 3000 desktop version, Rylong 4000 mobile version has been released, these are not suspense.

Also released in the second half of this year is the Ryzen 4000 desktop version, using the 7nm plus process, Zen3 architecture, or AM4 slot slot and DDR4 memory, these are no objection, just look at the release time.

AMD Ryzen 5000 Series processor as soon as 2021 Q1

But they’re a little different about the Zen4 processor, including the release time and the process, and they think the Zen4 is still a 7nm plus process, and it’s ready for Q1 in 2021.

AMD Ryzen 5000 Series processor as soon as 2021 Q1

In AMD’s official roadmap, the Zen4 architecture is in the “design” process, so a lot of information is not certain, the previous speculation is 5nm process, the second half of 2021 release, which is more in line with AMD’s annual upgrade.

But PCGH’s revelations suggest another possibility that AMD won’t get ahead of the 5nm process, and Zen4 will still use the more mature 7nm plus process, but will upgrade on architecture and platforms, such as support for DDR5, and THE AM4 slot should be replaced.

The possibility of Zen4 using the 7nm plus process cannot be ruled out without an official hammer, but PCGH gives a bit of a quirky point in time, and if Zen3 is released in the second half of 2020, how could Zen4 be released within six months? That doesn’t make sense.

As for Intel’s roadmap, it’s too good to say that from This year’s Comet Lake to next year’s Rocket Lake, the 14nm process continues to be complete.

There is a variable is the 2021 Alder Lake processor, previously reported that 14nm continued, said to be 10nm process, now can only walk to see.