Google or add free trial and streaming features to Stadia

The launch of Google’s Stadia streaming game service has never been a success, and even drew criticism from many test players – the number of games is small and the streaming performance is poor – and google seems to have to pack more in order to increase its appeal to the average player.

According to 9to5Google, Google has added features such as free trial of Stadia Pro and YouTube streaming in the latest Stadia app in the hope of increasing its appeal.

Google or add free trial and streaming features to Stadia

The 9to5 Google found the code that showed that Stadia would have a new interface process that allowed players to enter without entering without entering the startup code. The current interface requires players to pay $129 for The Stadia Premiere Edition or someone to give Buddy Pass to continue.

At last year’s GDC 2019 announcement, Google revealed its ambition to have a high penetration rate for Stadia, but now it’s stuck with the self-imposed threshold. However, the number of free trials is expected to be limited, after all, Google still wants to keep paying players experience. So the code has the words “Sorry, Stadiais full in your area”, just unknown whether the “area” represents the whole area or refers specifically to a game.

On top of that, there are two features that were originally promised to be launched, and they’ve finally been seen: Home Sharing and YouTube Live Streaming. 9to5 Google says it has found evidence that members of a home-sharing account can only play one game at a time, and if two or more people play the game at the same time, they need to buy another one. The part of YouTube streaming is the addition of streaming control options and audience counts.

The code is there, but it’s not known when Google will officially launch the new features, or how mature they will be, after all, it’s just code that comes up and can be taken away at any time. But in order to increase The attractiveness of Stadia, the above functions also seem to be indispensable.