Google’s Stadia questioned: Uncertainty has led to slow development

Game quality and size are key to measuring the success of cloud gaming platforms, but it’s clear that Google’s Stadia isn’t grasping the key. Three months after its launch, Stadia has only a dozen games on the line, and there is a lack of games to attract players. And Google itself is in no hurry to put cash into the platform, which in turn has caused a lot of trouble for game developers.

Google's Stadia questioned: Uncertainty has led to slow development

Stadia promises to play on almost any device, but when there aren’t too many games to offer users a choice, the initial freshness tends to run out quickly. Google initially promised to offer more than 100 games by the end of the year, but that’s a paltry number compared to its competitors. Business Insider reported that a number of sources were skeptical of the prospect.

Game developers, especially independent developers who do not have exclusive rights with other platforms or stores, clearly have no incentive to bring their games to Stadia, or even invest. Since Google offers few incentives, especially financial incentives, to make their games available on streaming services.