“The lungs are no longer lungs,” the first autopsy report for new coronary pneumonia has been released.

According to CCTV News on March 1, Professor Liu Liang, who presided over the autopsy of the body of the first case of the new coronapneumonia, said: The lesions of new coronary pneumonia are similar to SARS, but also have their own characteristics. From the current pathological results, some of the deceased’s lung cut surface, can see the mucus secretions, he believes that this is clinical treatment needs to be vigilant.

Liu Liang: It is very viscous, like paste liquid attached to it. This thing may reflect this person in the early days, his secretion is viscous, unlike our usual cold, viral infection is runny nose, flowing water, we call eda (symptom), this is not what the situation, it is in the deep airway, mucus composition, this composition, If we don’t treat it in a targeted way, it may be counterproductive.

Reporter: This will never be known if you don’t open the body?

Liu Liang: I don’t know.

Reporter: So you’re there, give you a short time inside, what can you see? What was observed?

Liu Liang: I can see the color of the whole lung, is not like the normal lung, its texture can be felt, and then I can squeeze this lung, (see) there is nothing out of it.

Reporter: This information for the latter…

Liu Liang: Very important. For example, our normal lungs, it feels like a sponge, it contains gas, but (infected with the new coronavirus) lung touch is not this feeling, this lung is no longer the lung, it is a real change, (lung) inside is replaced by something else.

Reporter: How important is this feeling?

Liu Liang: This feeling, if you do not experience, you simply can not tell (doctor) that the doctor also do not know this inside (what situation), in the end the lung is a stone-like change, or a soft, that white lung is something, is (as hard as a piece of marble), or (as hard as a piece of wood), Still (as hard as a cork).

Reporter: So what does the information you capture and collect bring to the front line?

Liu Liang: He at least knows where there are snipers, so I’m going to kill them. Treatment should be targeted, if very intensive, send gunners past. So in this case, the lesions of the place if it is afraid of water soldiers, I will make the water past, you are afraid of fire I put the fire past, see what this lesions are like, targeted treatment. Otherwise, such as ventilation, pass to the end useless, it is blocked on the road, just like the road is blocked, you also send a car to that useless, you have to quickly release this road.

Because of the persistent lack of complete pathological information provided by systematic autopsies, researchers cannot determine the pathogenesis of the disease, organ damage, and other effects.

After the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia, Liu Liang has been calling for the autopsy of the remains of the deceased people with new coronary pneumonia. On February 16, Liu Liang’s team completed two pathological autopsies, which were extremely dangerous.

Liu Liang: One is inside the air is very boring, the second you do not know the body exposed, it will be how much (concentration) of the virus emitted.

Reporter: Does this have to do with time?

Liu Liang: It’s about. The longer it goes on, the greater the concentration of the virus it exposes, the more we will be at the core of the radiation.

Reporter: Are you scared? Because this thing can’t get away with it, but you’re going to get so close (contact) and you’re all these patients who’ve gone, and you should say there’s a lot, a lot (virus) in his body, right?

Liu Liang: Yes, or fear, not fear is false. Although I have dissected SARS before, but also dissected AIDS, but are someone else has done the case. (This) you do what the next 14 days do not know, you do not know its air aerosol (spread) in the end there is no such thing, so this is a very risky thing. These three cases are equivalent to the first time in the world that this has been done.

Reporter: So why fight for this, to be the first one?

Liu Liang: Someone has to do this. Before the world-class catastrophe, we are ashamed of ourselves if we don’t start in it.

Reporter: Let’s make an analogy, and now it’s the doctor who’s fighting the virus, so is your role as a scout?

Liu Liang: Yes, we want to grab a tongue back, catch back, let all kinds of people to interrogate your number, your class.

Reporter: It’s you who’s got the captives.

Liu Liang: Yes. It’s about going through a blockade line, going through the mines, and then bringing people back, and everyone doesn’t go there, you never know how many people are there, what’s hiding there, so someone has to take risks. We’ve hatched a lot of plans, who’s going in? Old into or younger?

Reporter: That in this program, do you belong to the first batch, or the latter batch?

Liu Liang: We are on my top in the original plan, and there are two old (comrades) on it. But this time a look at the disease, this pneumonia it bully the elderly, many people are old people. So the plan at the time was to adjust, and we said to let young people on board. Then our old man was an assistant, and he was playing around. But really to the first time, we changed our mind, into is two old people on top of it to do, find a young man in the side of the mess.

Reporter: Why change your mind?

Liu Liang: After all, they have no experience, this in case something happens above, it can only be rushed inside.

Reporter: What’s wrong?

Liu Liang: The problem is in our own body, this is actually panic thing or to protect others.