Girl who goes through the pipeline to Google

Perhaps you’ve heard Sun Ling’s story for a long time. The outside world is keen to condense her first three decades of life into a bowl of chicken soup about class-leaping, a history of the struggles of a rural girl. But she’s braver and more vulnerable than you might think.

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Author . . .  Chang Fangfei

Girl who goes through the pipeline to Google

The lights dimd, and there was only one beam of chasing light on the stage on Sun Ling. More than 500 people on stage held their breath and waited for her story. She ran three or two steps up the stage, and her smile was steady. But the trembling voice leaked the tension that suddenly became the focus:

“Thank you to Shenzhen, thank you for all the changes you’ve made to me. “

More than a year ago, when the sound of TED Radio Hour in her headphones woke her up from the early morning in Brooklyn, New York, she didn’t expect to be on the TEDx stage any time soon.

People are keen to simplify her 30-year experience into a bowl of chicken soup about class-leaping – a traditional rural family born in the bottom of Hunan province, who didn’t go to college and, after constant efforts, got rid of the fate of a female worker in a battery factory, until she was in Google’s office in the United States, earning more than $100,000 a year.

Rural, factory sister, Google, these low starting point, high achievement of the key words clearly outlined an “inspirational network celebrity” person.

But Sun Ling doesn’t intend to accept it.

“You mustn’t write me like a good one. Referring to the just-concluded Facebook interview, Sun was eager to explain to me, “It’s just a normal communication, not a Facebook want to dig me up.” “

By her definition, in the 10 years after high school, she was simply “working from giving people jobs to giving people jobs”. There’s nothing bad about being born in the countryside and working on the assembly line; working as an outsourced programmer at Google and earning $100,000 a year, or “making a screw in a project”, is far from a thing worth showing off.

But the outside world has been waiting for her success methodology, a high-frequency question is – what exactly do you use to get to where you are now? “I have a ghost lying method. “

“I’m not very fond of adding WeChat friends, the first sentence I received is to come and learn from me. It makes me think too well and puts me under a lot of pressure. I hope I’m liked and recognized not because I’m inspirational, but because I’m a person who deserves to get along, and a real ordinary person. She wrote in her diary.

Sun Ling seems to be either underestimated or overrated.

Buffett has said he believes in an “internal scorecard.” That said, he values self-evaluation more than outside opinions, which is considered an important reason for Buffett’s rise in the stock market.

Sun Ling also has such an “internal scorecard”. So she was able to maintain an amazing stability like code in these bearish bullishs.

Bug, De-Bug

For programmers, the core job is to find and solve problems. And Sun Ling’s first 30 years of life, only did these two things.

At this time 10 years ago, Sun Ling had one of the most frustrating days of her life.

At eight or nine o’clock in the morning, the sun of the early spring of the South China dynasty shone on her. Taking advantage of the factory’s rare holiday, she plans to take a bus to the city to inquire about the software training institutions. The first step is stuck, how is she going to take a car into the city? Where to go?

Shortly before she got stuck, in 2009, Time magazine named Chinese workers on its cover, praising Workers in Shenzhen for lighting up the future of mankind with “a determined look”. This is a microcosm of China’s role as a factory in the world.

If Sun Ling had seen the magazine, she probably wouldn’t have agreed with that judgment. Behind the “fortitude” vision is more than 12 hours, two shifts of high-intensity work. “I work half the time of the night every month, and working so hard makes me feel like I’m having a really slow life because it’s very mechanical,” she says. “Too long working hours pay off. “In general, you can earn 2100 to 2600 yuan a month. One month I worked 28 days and made only 3500 yuan. “

What’s more, she has to endure the alienation of the machine. Shenzhen factory to eat and cover, flow ingesting, in the manufacturing efficiency of the maximum profit under the guidance of workers not only in the manipulation of machines and assembly lines, machines and assembly lines will also nest them, slowly dissipate. “I don’t see the future, I don’t know the outside world at all. Sun Ling said.

However, she did not realize that not taking the bus was not the most unlucky thing she had ever encountered that day.

While waiting for the bus at the station, a man walked up to her and said, You don’t need to change your job. She did not think carefully to follow him to an office, the other side heard That Sun Ling did not go to college, said that the condition is not good, to pay first, and then wait for their notice. “I heard it was a deal. I give money, he gives me a job. Sun Ling believes it.

The other asked her how much cash she had with her. This question makes her vaguely feel wrong, but honestly came up with 400 yuan. Finally, under the other side’s inquiry, Sun Ling went to the nearby ATM machine to take out the salary card of 1600 yuan, and handed them.

Walking out of the office alone, she came to realize that she had met a cheater. “I found myself with no guarantee and gave the money. “Sun Ling suddenly became very depressed, not only because she lost a month’s salary, but also because she found that the closed factory had deprived her of its judgment on the outside world.

It finally made her make up her mind to leave the factory.

The bug has been found, and then the De-bug is to be.

Sun Ling remembered attending a free summer camp when she graduated from high school to learn elementary programming. Give the computer a command and the computer will output a hello world. She didn’t tell her family, quit her job, and decided to learn programming. Programming classes total three semesters, tuition fees a total of about 30,000. But the balance in her bank card was only enough to cover her first semester.

In order to maintain a normal life, she worked part-time at KFC and small restaurants, occasionally handing out leaflets. These incomes have just been enough to feed themselves. The price is that her daily meal bill is strictly limited to 5 yuan, most of the time only to choose a cake or some food with a strong feeling of satiety.

In this way, after three semesters of programming, she found a programmer’s job, with a separate station, in front of no longer a roaring assembly line, but a computer, surrounded by green plants.

“I saw a Korean play called My Girl when I was in junior high school, and everyone in it was in a suit and sitting in the office. I feel like I should find this kind of job, too. “Sun Ling did what she wanted.

A new bug appeared, Sun Ling felt that his English level is not good and poor communication, shrinking in the corner “not like a white collar.” She took the initiative to meet many foreign friends while studying English in installments.

New languages and new friends have brought a new “luxury” dream – to study abroad.

In 2017, she saw a master’s program in computer science at a university in the United States, where the application requirement was that English could be basically communicated, had a certain programming foundation and work experience, and that the tuition was down to $50,000, which could be repaid through student loans. It took her seven months to save 100,000. Arrived in the United States to start studying.

In 2018, after three rounds of interviews, Sun became an EPAM employee and sat in Google’s New York office. Google boss once revealed why she was chosen in the end – you always figure out what the problem is first.

Find the problem, and then use the super action to solve it, this is Sun Ling’s killer.

Earn respect

Respect is the high-frequency word that Sun Ling refers to, and it is also her internal drive.

A few months ago, Sun Ling cried for a “little thing”.

The boss wrote a schedule ding-off plan for the recent demand, and when he linked the documents, Sun Ling found that he didn’t have access and needed to apply before opening it. After opening and staring at the reviewer’s list for a long time, she found herself still excluded.

She thought for a long time and decided to express her displeasure directly in the document:

I’ve been work on this project for almost one year, Even yadh i am am a TVC. I may do’t have any good opinions or comments on this this doc. I still felt a littile bit unappreciated.(I’ve been working on the project team for nearly a year.) Although I am not a full-time employee, I don’t necessarily have any better comments or suggestions, but I still feel somewhat unrecognized.

Despite the boss’s apology and the addition of her name to the audit list, Sun Ling cried.

“I need to be respected, I need to be recognized, I need to be appreciated. She wrote in her diary.

Even the reason she likes the sport of extreme frisbee is that it embodies the spirit of fairness and mutual respect.

The desire for fairness, recognition and respect stems from a long time, accompanied by her only contempt, opposition, questioning.

When her brother, who graduated from primary school at the same time, begged her parents not to continue their studies, Sun Ling also lost the opportunity to study. Because her father said “girls don’t work”; she had a year of standoff with her father to get back to school, until family and friends persuaded her to finally agree to her in junior high school; when she chose to leave the factory and assembly line because of her boredom, the family collectively objected that she was emplaced, and when she quit her job as a stable programmer, Decided to go to the United States for further study, the family heard immediately after the question – how are you still reading?

She even angered her brother with her father’s idea of “son preference”. He can throw away the opportunity at will, but Sun Ling has to fight for it.

She used to be afraid to even ask her parents directly why she would n’or she wouldn’t read.

Love is not going well either. Sun Ling found that she always be blamed, the other side in the quarrel will be with a contemptuous tone to her: “You have not even received quality education.” “

“If two people can’t respect each other and just hurt each other, it’s a toxic relationship. Sun Ling said. Eventually she decided to break up.

Over time, in a long period of lack of self-confidence and self-doubt, she always felt that she was incapable and unworthy of appreciation.

Even if TEDx’s speech is successful, she will say in her heart:

“The last speech didn’t screw up, a big part of it was because there was the right mentoring, there was the planning team behind me to give me trust … It’s not because of my personal abilities and talents. If there’s a chance to give a speech next time, without that guidance and support, I’ll probably mess it up. “

Girl who goes through the pipeline to Google

Photo by Sun Ling

As she gets older, she slowly learns to get along with low self-esteem and the past, learning to “forgive herself, and be able to afford to let it go.” “

She tried to talk to her father on the initiative so that he knew about his life in Shenzhen and the United States. They can also talk quietly about their old lives. “At that time they really had no money. Sun Ling said.

Father can only take advantage of the time of leisure to do carpentry, less time to earn two or three pieces a day, good luck is not only to get a dozen pieces. All the income adds up all year round, just barely making ends meet. Many years later she learned that the money she bought new clothes in high school was her mother’s money for selling blood. She realized that perhaps her parents had their helplessness.

Despite all the constraints, Sun Ling is still working and living in the United States.

“Have they ever expressed pride in you?” “

This traditional Chinese family still shows a shy side. “Very few people in our village go abroad to study and work, and they are very proud of me. My dad probably carried me on his back and told someone else. She said.

A new question is coming.

Sun Ling says he is a toss-up programmer. Life goes on and on, “tossing” more than. The Google programmer didn’t stop her, and she began to discover new problems.

Finding that there are no new friends, it’s hard to get into the Western circle. She started the New York Street Project. Take a mobile phone randomly to find passers-by, they may be psychological counselors, wandering singers, attendthe sister trial of the elderly, her problems are also strange.

Girl who goes through the pipeline to Google

Photo by Sun Ling

What’s it like to live in New York?

How did you get through those tough times?

At any moment do you know he’s the one who can spend your whole life with you?

But not every question is as quick to answer as an interview.

Recently, Sun Ling wanted to go to learn machine learning-related content, a lot of new knowledge, she does not know whether she can quickly understand; the upcoming interview with Google’s official staff is difficult, she is not sure whether it can pass smoothly; Facebook position communication finally stuck in the visa requirements, will other companies hand her an olive branch?

But don’t worry. Sun Ling always finds a way out of uncertainty. “How many resources you have, do as many things as you do.” She always said so.

Last year, Sun Ling saw “Ice and Snow Edge 2”, she wrote down her favorite lyrics, but also her voice:

I won’t look too far ahead

it’s too too for me to take

but break it down to this next s, this next step

this next choice is one one one one-one-one-can make

I don’t want to look out, because the road seems too long for me,

I take a deep breath and take a step forward.

That’s what I can do now.

Girl who goes through the pipeline to Google