Horror thriller “Invisible Man” hits North American weekend box office in first week: ‘It’s a good hit”

Universal Pictures’ horror thriller “Invisible Man” was released in North America on February 28th, andmedia reported that the film had a good weekend of box office success and topped the North American weekend box office. So far, “Invisible Man” has grossed $49.2 million worldwide, including $29 million in North America and $20.2 million in 47 overseas markets, compared with just $7 million for the film.

In terms of media word-of-mouth, the rotten tomato freshness of the “Invisible Man” film has risen to 90%, with the popcorn index at 89%.

Media generally believe that the “Invisible Man” movie’s thriller atmosphere is quite well shaped, the actor’s outstanding performance is impressive, “Invisible Man” is the beginning of 2020 a horror film. Director Ray Werner’s grim and brutal reimagining of the classic “Invisible Man” has a more creepy effect.

It is understood that “Invisible Man” adapted from H. G. Welsh’s novel of the same name is a horror film with sci-fi, psychological and other elements, the original novel was moved to the big screen in 1933, so the film is also a remake of the production.

The new version of “Invisible Man” tells the story of the heroine and a talented but controlling scientist caught up in an emotional entanglement. After several hardships, she escaped the clutches, and one day suddenly learned that the other side had committed suicide, more unexpectedly leaving her with a considerable fortune, but a series of strange things happened immediately.