WHO: Death rate in patients with severe corolla is over 50%

The World Health Organization released its latest outbreak report on March 1. The report notes that five new countries have reported confirmed cases of new coronavirus infection in the past 24 hours. As of 10 a.m. on March 1, a total of 7,169 confirmed cases and 104 deaths had been reported in 58 countries outside China.

WHO: Death rate in patients with severe corolla is over 50%

In the day’s outbreak report, WHO focused on the clinical treatment of patients with new coronary pneumonia, introduced the clinical performance of patients infected with the new coronavirus and treatment measures.

ACCORDING TO WHO, THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE INFECTED WITH THE NEW CORONAVIRUS ARE ADULTS, AND OF THE 44,672 CONFIRMED CASES IN CHINA, ONLY 2.1% ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 20. The most common symptoms of diagnosed patients include fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, etc.

About 80 percent of patients have mild symptoms, about 14 percent develop severe illness, and about 5 percent are serious cases. Early studies have shown that the severity of the infection is related to the patient’s age and whether he or she has a underlying disease.

Clinical treatment for patients with neo-coronavirus infection focuses on early identification, early isolation, and the implementation of appropriate infection prevention and control measures. In addition, treatment should be provided for patients with mild illness and supportive treatment for patients with severe illness. When the health system is overburdened, some patients with mild erronaised symptoms can be treated at home alone.

For patients with severe illness, oxygen therapy is the main treatment, and all countries should improve the availability of pulse blood oxygen meters and medical oxygen systems. WHO notes that the mortality rate for patients with severe illness esmodoin is more than 50 per cent, and that existing treatment measures for patients with severe illness, such as pulmonary protective ventilation, should be optimized.

The WHO report notes that there is no effective treatment for coronavirus disease (COVID-19), so WHO and the Research and Development Blueprint are currently prioritizing research on treatment options.