IDC Cloud Computing Report: Alibaba Cloud’s Global Top 3 Growth Rate Overamazon Microsoft

According to MARKET research firm IDC data, Alibaba Cloud’s global market share rose further, followed by Amazon, Microsoft, the fastest growth rate in the market’s top five. Since 2017, the global cloud computing market has formed a 3A landscape (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud), the market gradually concentrated in the head, 3A currently occupies nearly 70% of the market share.


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IDC Cloud Computing Report: Alibaba Cloud's Global Top 3 Growth Rate Overamazon Microsoft

Historical data show that Alibaba Cloud’s global market share has grown rapidly over the past six years, making it the world’s third-largest cloud computing service provider. During this period, Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba Cloud market share continued to climb, IBM declined year by year, Google from 2016 to the list, gradually rose to the fifth.

At the same time, the growth rate of the 3A camp continued to lead the market, with Alibaba Cloud growing fastest, while the world’s top five outside the cloud service providers mostly lost the market, lagging behind the overall industry growth. As a result, market share continues to gather to head cloud service providers, with 3A accounting for nearly 70% of the market as of June 2019.

According to Gartner, another authoritative research firm, Alibaba Cloud ranks third in the global market and has a growing market share. As a whole, the share remains further concentrated in the head, with Amazon’s market share peaking and Microsoft and Alibaba Cloud both growing.

Analysts believe Alibaba Cloud’s investment in research and development is close to radical, creating the world’s richest technology product matrix, resulting in strong growth. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, Alibaba’s investment in technology research and development is the largest of China’s listed companies. In 2017, Alibaba announced the establishment of the Damo Institute, investing 100 billion yuan in core basic technology research and development over three years, providing a strong impetus for cloud computing business development.