Luxury car owners are less willing to be polite to pedestrians, says new study

According tomedia reports, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas recently conducted a study, the results show that the higher the value of the vehicle, the lower the probability of the owner courtesy pedestrians. For every $1,000 increase in the value of the vehicle, the probability of a car owner slowing down a pedestrian decreases by 3%. The research team pointed out that because luxury car drivers are prone to produce a superior sense of narcissistic superiority, so in the face of other passers-by, there will be impatient waiting and other phenomena, which in turn lead to possible road disputes.

In the study, the researchers asked volunteers hundreds of times to cross the crosswalk and recorded an analysis of drivers’ reactions. Conclusions show that luxury car owners are more psychologically superior and more likely to develop narcissism than other owners, leading to a lack of understanding and compassion for pedestrians. The study was published in the journal Transport and Health.

Luxury car owners are less willing to be polite to pedestrians, says new study

Unsurprisingly, a previous study by the University of Helsinki, which surveyed 1,892 drivers, found that people with repugnant personalities (such as self-centered, stubborn, annoying, etc.) were more likely to own luxury cars such as Audis, BMWs and Mercedes-Benzes.

Notably, the study also showed that some respected, ambitious and conscientious people also often prefer high-priced cars.

In this regard, some netizens said: This can not be generalized, whether driving a luxury car or driving a broken car, most people are still good, those with low quality are after all a minority. There are also netizens joked: This may be the luxury car owner was blacked out the worst time.

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