RTX 3080 Ti SecureNVIDIA Will Not Cancel GTC 2020 Conference

Recently due to the impact of the outbreak, some large-scale exhibitions, conferences are canceled or postponed, the most serious of course is MWC 2020 exhibition cancellation. There is also a GTC meeting for NVIDIA at the end of March, though officials say it is still on its way. As the situation in the U.S. changed, a number of conferences that began in March were canceled, such as the FB F8 conference, GDC game developers have been postponed, and a new date has not yet been set.

RTX 3080 Ti SecureNVIDIA Will Not Cancel GTC 2020 Conference

NVIDIA’s GTC 2020 Conference will be held from March 22 to 26, the current NVIDIA statement will not be cancelled, the meeting preparations are still in progress.

However, in order to strengthen the protection, NVIDIA said that they have been in accordance with WHO standards for the venue series of disinfection, the crowd of areas every day disinfection, conference rooms, door knobs, escalators and other contact more places will be more than a number of disinfection.

In addition, a large increase in hand sanitizer will be added throughout the conference center.

However, NVIDIA did not mention wearing a mask, the U.S. view is now frequent hand washing, not recommended to the average person to wear a mask.

The GTC conference is primarily for developers and has little to do with gamers, but the focus this time on whether NVIDIA will release the 7nm Ampere Ampere video card, rtX 3080 Ti, officials have previously hinted that the GTC conference will not disappoint.

Of course, even with the release of the new architecture of 7nm amperes, the first is likely to be the GA100 core for the data center, and the 7nm game graphics card is not expected to be available until the second half of the year.