Global January New Energy Model Sales List BMW Tops Tesla

At present, with the global automotive market to the new energy direction of the accelerated transition, the major auto companies have also begun to launch new energy models to seize market share. Tesla, as an all-electric car company, has an absolute advantage in the manufacture of electric vehicles. However, in January in the global new energy market, Tesla failed to hold on to the title, BMW narrowly overtook.

Global January New Energy Model Sales List BMW Tops Tesla

Specifically, while BMW’s layout in the all-electric car sector is not as hard as Tesla’s, bmw won the monthly new energy vehicle manufacturer’s sales title in January with 12,976 sales (up 128 percent year-on-year) thanks to bmw’s power-up in plug-in hybrid models.

Tesla, on the other hand, fell to the top of the world after being overtaken by BMW, finishing second in the new energy market with 12,779 vehicles sold a month. However, the gap between the two is only 197, with Tesla’s sales in the Chinese market, and will soon be back in the top flight.

In addition, the third to 10th place, respectively, Renault, Volkswagen, Peugeot, BYD, SAIC, Hyundai, Volvo, Audi and other car companies.

It is worth noting that among domestic manufacturers, BYD and SAIC also squeezed into the top 10, with sales of 7,058 and 6,450 vehicles, respectively. In the domestic market, by January’s multiple adverse factors, BYD and SAIC’s terminal sales also affected. And then, with the domestic car market gradually better, the sales of both also have further increased.

It is worth noting, however, that although BMW’s new energy model sales in January were the world’s no.1, it was achieved by the popularity of its many hybrid models. Tesla is still a well-deserved leader in single-energy models, with its Model 3 all-electric model selling 10,013 vehicles in January and the world’s top new energy model in January.