Musk: Tesla’s autopilot core ‘rewrites’ massive updates coming

CEO Elon Musk said Tesla will deploy more self-driving features more quickly after rewriting the core of its system, according tomedia reports. Tesla is understood to be “making a major fundamental rewrite of Tesla Autopilot.” As part of the rewrite, Musk said, “neural networks are absorbing more and more problems.” “

“We need to get the work done on Autopilot’s core code and 3D tags, and soon more will be implemented quickly,” Musk said via Twitter. He added that the rewrite would “greatly improve” Autopilot’s visualization.

Musk: Tesla's autopilot core 'rewrites' massive updates coming

In an update released late last year called “Full Autopilot Preview,” Tesla made a series of “driving visualization improvements”: “Driving visualizations can now show other objects, including traffic lights, stop signs, and select road markings.” Parking signs and visual parking lights are not a substitute for drivers and do not stop. To view these other objects in the driving visualization, click Control, Autopilot, Full Autopilot Visual Preview.

However, the display of these new objects in the visualization system is not always accurate, and the new 3D tags are expected to help improve this. Musk even said the new tag feature would allow Tesla Autopilot to detect potholes on the road and make small maps to remember them.

Musk: Tesla's autopilot core 'rewrites' massive updates coming