Amazon announces more OfA electric delivery car info: Focus on drivers

Last year, Amazon gave Rivian a big task: designing and manufacturing the next generation of electric delivery vehicles, according tomedia. While the main goal of the task is to eliminate emissions, the online retail giant has not forgotten those who make a living driving cars. On Sunday, local time, Amazon released more details about how to put drivers at the forefront of the development process. The company can be seen offering drivers an incredible opportunity to drive prototypes for greater benefit.

Amazon announces more OfA electric delivery car info: Focus on drivers

It is understood that Rivian and Amazon decided to reverse the process, with engineers under the guidance of drivers to conduct research on how they get into the car, the ergonomics of driving, how to find a particular package, and how to leave an electric car delivery truck.

Recently, Amazon drivers were given a virtual reality helmet that they could use to see how the final product was formed — and according to Amazon and Rivian, they were very impressed.

Technology will also become an important part of new vans. Obviously, Alexa will be built directly, which will help drivers without having to manually enter a lot of information. Rivian has previously said that the delivery car will also have a fully digital dashboard, while the central display will have Amazon logistics built in. Both the logistics program and Alexa will handle the map so that drivers do not have to carry other navigation equipment.

While the van will be a huge step forward for Amazon and its drivers, the retailer’s overall goal is to achieve the Paris climate agreement 10 years ahead of schedule. It is reported that the first electric van will be on the road next year, and by next year, the total will reach 100,000.