Scientists suggest strange ‘marshmallows’ exoplanet situ could be rock rings

According tomedia reports, there are some cool planets in our solar system, such as Earth and various gas giant planets. But no Super-puff planet has been found so far, which NASA has described as “the density of marshmallows.” Recently, researchers have offered a new and possible explanation for these strange exoplanets: some of them may have rings.

Scientists suggest strange 'marshmallows' exoplanet situ could be rock rings

At first, astronomers were surprised to discover these huge, hairy planets, which can be discovered by humans as they pass through their host stars, while also causing the light that humans can detect from the solar system to darken.

Scientists suggest strange 'marshmallows' exoplanet situ could be rock rings

Researchers from the California Institute of Technology and the Carnegie Institution for Science raise an interesting question. Shreyas Vissapragada, a planetary scientist at the California Institute of Technology, said at a press conference Monday local time: “We started to wonder, if you look back at us from a distant world, would you recognize Saturn as a ringed planet or an alien astronomer to be a bloated planet?” “

Vissapragada is one of the authors of the paper, “Exploring Why Ssuper-Puffs Can Be Explained as Ringed Exoplanets,” published in The Independent Journal. For the above question, the answer will be a loud “may”.

The sawper, the researchers observed and studied the super-expansion exoplanets discovered through NASA’s Kepler mission to determine that some of the rock rings that may be moving made them look like cotton candy-like giants.

Super-expansion planets orbit so close to their host stars that any aura they have must be rocky, not ice.

It is understood that the three planets of particular interest to scientists are Kepler 87c, Kepler 177c and HIP 41378f, but if they want to study more deeply, they will have to wait until NASA’s next-generation James Webb Space Telescope is launched.