15 before exposure of accessories stolen beam sling, Tesla responds to “free replacement for the vehicles involved”

“315” consumer protection day is coming, Tesla recently exposed the “reduced” problem. Model 3 owners said on Weibo that after the pick-up on February 28, the query found that the vehicle controller clearly marked the model as “1462554 accessories” (Hardware 3.0 hardware), while the actual installation of accessories is “11483112-02-E” (i.e. earlier version of Hardware Hardware 2.5 hardware).

Some car owners have since said they found the same phenomenon, and in Tesla’s official microblogging comment slot, raised questions about the domestic Tesla reduction, and even the owner said he had reported to “12315.”

Tesla’s autopilot system has been a key factor in raising brand premiums and marketing. Back in 2019, Musk unveiled Autopilot HW 3.0 hardware, powered by Tesla’s self-developed FSD chip, while the HW2.5 uses The Vtecha’s Drive PX2 chip. In terms of computing power, the former processing image capacity per second is about 21 times that of the latter, reaching 2,300 frames per second, and the power consumption of the two chips is similar.

The most intuitive difference is that the Tesla models with the HW 3.0 have the ability to recognize traffic barriers (i.e. ice cream cones), while Tesla models with HW2.5 and below hardware do not. This was confirmed in an email provided by one owner, Tesla Customer Support, in response to a consumer inquiry.

Musk has previously said the Model 3, which will be made after April 2019, will use the latest HW3.0.

Coupled with the fact that HW 3.0’s core accessories are produced in China, as well as home-grown research, the cost of HW 3.0 is 20% lower than the 2.5 version, and most car owners will also default to the domestic version of Tesla will also be equipped with this latest hardware. In the “de-provisioning” incident, some car owners joked that buying A Tesla was like “buying a lottery ticket”.

Tesla responded today by saying it would replace HW3.0 free of charge for the owners involved, saying that without the optional FSD feature, hW2.5 and HW3.0 would be virtually no different in terms of ride experience and safe use.

After entering China, Tesla adapted Autopilot to the L2-class autopilot, which features only L2-class autopilot, including auxiliary steering, acceleration/braking, and more difficult automatic auxiliary lane, automatic parking, and vehicle summoning, which were classified under Full Driving Capability (FSD) and required an additional $56,000 for the owner to purchase.

Here’s the full text of Tesla’s response:

Recently, Tesla China received some of The Chinese manufacturing standard range upgrade Model 3 owners reflect that its vehicle controller hardware code and environmental information with the list of marked inconsistent, for this, we very much understand the mood of consumers and attach great importance to, Tesla China in particular made the following instructions:

Tesla’s Shanghai Super plant resumed production on February 10. Based on supply chain conditions during the period, some of the hardware installed in the standard battery-renewed version of Model 3 is HW2.5. With capacity and supply chain recovery, we will continue to provide free replacement HW3.0 service for owners of the controller hardware for hW2.5’s China Manufacturing Standard Extended Upgrade Model 3, please have a replacement need for users, through the Tesla Service Center reservation, please be patient.

At this stage, if there is no optional FSD function, there is no difference between the Model 3 model using HW2.5 and the Model 3 model using HW3.0 in terms of ride experience and safety. And for all customers who have an optional FSD, we have installed HW3.0 hardware for them.

Our original intention is to meet the safety and use needs of consumers, as soon as possible to provide products. We apologize and understand the distress caused by some Tesla-loving owners, and in the current situation, we are actively taking steps to ensure that the supply chain and delivery are on time. We will continue to listen carefully to consumer advice, and every voice you have is helping us to provide better services and products to consumers.

Once again, thank all the owners for their love, support and understanding of Tesla.