New iPad Pro “Secret Weapon” rendering: Smart keyboard with built-in trackpad

Apple has been working hard to increase the iPad’s productivity, with the previous stylus and keyboard kit being the best illustration. Earlier,media reported that adding a trackpad to the iPad keyboard would be another move by Apple to introduce laptop-specific features into the company’s popular tablet product line.

But there is no mention of the keyboard and trackpad layout on the new iPad Pro keyboard case, which is expected to be similar to the MacBook Pro, with the keyboard located above the trackpad.

March 3 news Amedia released the corresponding rendering map, rendering map basically integrated all the existing information.

If Apple does release an iPad keyboard with a trackpad, support for the mouse and keyboard could become a more important feature in the iPad OS in an upcoming operating system software update, industry sources say.

As an accessibility feature, iPad OS 13 adds support for external input devices. Some third-party accessory makers have also announced their own iPad external keyboards with trackpads. However, the latest reports suggest that Apple will take support for external devices on tablets to a higher level.

Apple is currently preparing to mass-produce the keyboard and is expected to release it alongwith the new iPad Pro, the sources said. Apple is expected to hold a spring launch at the end of March, and in addition to the new iPhone, the new iPad Pro is likely to be released together. It follows reports that Apple will also release the iPad Pro with a Mini LED display in the second half of 2020.